Remedials / 2-Point Credit Course


or DECEMBER 12, 2021


Remedial driving courses are mandated by the state of Ohio for the reinstatement of suspended licenses. Our Remedial driving classes are for clients with suspended licenses, or for clients who just need to credit their license with two extra points.

Remedial courses are 8 hours long and held every Thursday, Saturday Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:20 p.m. No appointments needed just bring your ID and $100 cash or credit, sorry no checks.

A certificate of completion is issued at the end of the class.

How often can I take the Remedials Course?

  • If you have under 12 points the Remedials Course can be taken once every three years, up to five times in a lifetime.
  • If your drivers license is suspended, you can take the Remedials Course even if you took it less than two years ago when your license was not suspended.

We are not currently holding Remedials / 2 Point Credit Classes at any of our PRO Locations but are referring our students to Professional Driving School.


(minimun 3 students to have class)

Pro Driving School

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