Online Teen Program

Online Teen Classes

PRO Driving School offers 24 hours online classrooms to Ohio students in place of the in-person classrooms. This provides the opportunity to take the class in your own home.

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For In-car Training

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The mandatory 8 hours behind-the-wheel instruction is provided at the teen's convenience and around the instructor's availability. In-car training consists of one-on-one training, 2 hours per day for 4 days.
  • Students must have their valid Temporary ID Card, proper eye wear and BTW sheet present for every drive.
  • Student's are picked up at home, however arrangements can be made to be picked up at school or work.
  • Before a student can schedule In-car training, must be paid in full, 2 hour enrollment certificate from the online course provider, the PRO Online Training Agreement Form
  • Students can't have more the 2 hours of classroom session in the same day as a 2 hour In-car session.

Students have 6 months to complete the 8 hours of behind-the-wheel portion with us. 


You may visit an Ohio B.M.V. Exam Station, Deputy Registrar or to obtain the Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws to study for the knowledge test.
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